Superintendent Message

Dr. Michael J. Byrne, Superintendent

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding Senate Bill 16 - legislation that aims to drastically change the way local school districts are funded across Illinois.  This disastrous bill has already passed the Illinois Senate and will most likely move forward this Fall in the Illinois House.  If enacted into law:

  • Kirby School District 140 stands to lose nearly $2.7 million in State aid.
  • Approximately 81% of our State funding will be eliminated.
  • Less than 4% of our total revenue will come from State sources, thus shifting even more of the burden of public school financing to our local taxpayers.

This significant loss of State revenue could negatively impact class size and educational programs at each of our District's seven schools.

Senate Bill 16 provides no additional funding for K-12 education; it merely redistributes the current inadequate pool of State resources.  Senate Bill 16 pits school district against school district, community against community, and parent against parent as we all chase the same few State dollars that exist for K-12 education.

I have communicated to our State legislators my concerns regarding the negative impact Senate Bill 16 will have on our District, and I am asking you to do the same. You can email, write a letter, send a fax or make a phone call. For your convenience, a sample email/letter and contact information for your Senator and Representativeis included at the bottom of this correspondence.

I am also asking that you talk to your friends in neighboring school districts about Senate Bill 16.  Their districts will suffer significant losses as well.  Below is the amount that Kirby School District 140 and surrounding districts stand to lose under Senate Bill 16:

  • Palos School District 118                    $1,378,682
  • Worth School District 127                   $1,388,784
  • Tinley Park School District 146           $1,870,061
  • Kirby School District 140                    $2,694,183
  • North Palos School District 117           $4,177,543
  • Orland School District 135                  $5,094,843
  • High School District 230                      $7,024,286

For more information regarding Senate Bill 16, please consult the News section of our website or make plans to attend one of the Town Hall Meetings on October 22 and 23..

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Michael J. Byrne, Ed.D.
Kirby School District 140


Call to Action
The KSD 140 Board of Education and Administration are asking our community to contact elected officials and express their concerns regarding Senate Bill 16. You can email, write a letter, send a fax or make a phone call.

Click here to look up contact information for your legislators

Sample Email/Letter:

Dear Senator/Representative {INSERT NAME},

I am concerned about the impact Senate Bill 16 could have on public education in Illinois.

Kirby School District 140 in particular is set to lose an estimated $2.7 million each year after it is phased in. This loss equates to approximately 81% of our state funding, thus shifting even more of the burden of public school financing to our local taxpayers. Our community cannot afford this bill.

I strongly believe all students deserve quality education but not at the expense of others. A clear, fair and logical funding mechanism should be created. Senate Bill 16 is not clear, fair or logical. Please listen to the people that you represent and vote NO on SB16.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Senators/Representatives Serving Taxpayers in KSD 140:

  • 28th Rep. District: Robert "Bob" Rita (D), (2 yr. term - exp. 11/2014) / 2355 W. York St., Suite 1, Blue Island, IL 60406 / 708-396-2822 / fax 708-396-2898
  • 35th Rep. District: Frances Ann Hurley (D), (2 yr. term - exp. 11/2014) / 16033 S. 94th Ave., Orland Hills, IL 60487 / 708-233-9703, fax 708-349-1358
  • 37th Rep. District: Renée Kosel (R), (2 yr. term - exp. 11/2014) / 19201 S. LaGrange Rd., Suite 204B, Mokena, IL 60448 / 708-479-4200, fax 708-479-7977
  • 38th Rep. District: Al Riley (D) (2 yr. term - exp. 11/2014) / 3649 West 183rd St., Suite 102, Hazel Crest, IL 60429 / 708- 799-4364 / Fax: 708-799-4481
  • 14th Sen. District: Emil Jones, III. (D) (4 yr. term - exp. 11/2016) / 507 W. 111th St., Chicago, IL 60628 / 773-995-7748 / fax 773-995-9061
  • 18th Sen. District: Bill Cunningham (D) (4 yr. term - exp. 11/2016) / 16033 S. 94th Ave., Orland Hills, IL 60487 / 708-233-9703, fax 708-349-1358
  • 19th Sen. District: Michael E. Hastings (D) ( 4 yr. term - exp. 11/2016) / 813 School Rd., Matteson, IL 60443 / 708-283-4125 / fax 708-253-1313

To see how your Senator voted on Senate Bill 16, click here.

 For more information on legislators serving our KSD 140 community, please visit