Curriculum and Instruction

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D140's Educational Plan

District 140 recognizes the responsibility of providing our students with the most current research and best practices available in the field of education.

A curriculum cycle has been developed to review, evaluate, and update all subject areas on a regular basis. This process involves alignment to Illinois Learning Standards and Performance Descriptors, ongoing analysis of data, focus on student learning, and a mindset of continuous improvement.

The department also emphasizes preparation and continuing professional development for educators at all grade levels. Institute days, START days, guest speakers, committee work, academic workshops, and state conferences are just some of the opportunities available our teachers.

The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted new Math and English Language Arts standards for K-12 education known as the New Illinois State Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core. The goal is to better prepare Illinois students for success in college and the workforce in a competitive global economy.  learn more