Early Childhood Programs


Birth Through Two Program in Conjunction with Child and Family Connections

Early intervention is important. Research has demonstrated that it can have a positive effect on the long-term impact of a diagnosed disability, some medical conditions, or some environmental factors that may have a negative impact on a student’s education. The District’s association with Child and Family Connections is designed to have a positive impact on the lives of infants, young children, and their families. To obtain service or information, please contact Mary Kay Anderson, Special Services Program Supervisor at 708-532-8537.


Project PRO Blended Program:

Project PRO is an early intervention program for three and four year old children who did not meet the cut-off for entrance to kindergarten. The Project PRO classes follow the the Creative Curriculum method and are aligned to the State of Illinois' Early Learning Standards. Students receive instruction that is tailored to their needs, allowing advanced learners to move forward as they achieve mastery and providing necessary scaffolding and support to struggling learners, to allow them  to gain confidence and mastery of skills. Teachers in Blended Classrooms are efficient in focusing on the learning needs of each student and providing effective teaching and student learning. In addition, the  program provides school- based services, parent meetings and group activities.

Special Education:

Half Day Program:

This program is designed for 3 to 5 year olds (birthday prior to September 1st) who have been identified with one or more of the following: communication disorders (speech/language), physical and/or motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, and behavior/social problems.

Full Day Program:

This program is designed for students with identified disabilities who turn five after September 1st. Students' disabilities may include severe communication disorders, autism, or cognitive impairment..