Kirby School District 140 integrates technology into the curriculum and promotes a student-learning environment that assists and encourages technological skills.  Our focus is to incorporate new technology into classroom practice by helping students learn the basics of using technology, discover new uses for technology tools, and focus on cooperative, project-based and interdisciplinary work.  Students will use technology to seek knowledge, solve problems, and collaborate in a global society.


KSD 140 is pleased to allow students access in school to their personal technology devices (i.e. Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc.) as a means to enhance learning opportunities. Students who choose to bring such devices to school are responsible for their personal equipment and are expected to comply with District standards. Tech support will not be provided on any student owned equipment. Personal devices brought to school will not have access to the District’s network, which is filtered and protected by multiple firewalls. Therefore, it is important that you realize that any mobile broadband Internet access by a student’s personal technology device will NOT be filtered.

Students will be expected to use only their Internet access as directed by a teacher in support of academic activities. Students must use such devices appropriately or they will be subject to disciplinary measures. Staff may review students’ use to insure that users are acting in an appropriate, responsible manner.

This does not allow the use of cell phones on school property during school hours which is prohibited by Board of Education Policy 500.36, in compliance with the Illinois School code.