Student Fees / Online Payment


Online payments can be made at the KSD 140 Web Store.
If you wish to pay Kindergarten or New Student fees online,
please select Student Fees | New Student

Student Registration and School Fee Information

Registration packets will be sent home with students annually during the last week of April. Fees may by paid by check, money order, or debit/credit card (Discover, Visa, MasterCard) and returned to the student’s home school or paid online at our Web Store.  Payment by cash must be made in person at the Administration Building or at your student’s home school.  We request that you register your returning students or inform us of transferring students as soon as possible.

Required Student Fees 2016-17 School Year
Early Childhood through 8th Grade Instructional Materials Fee (includes textbook, technology and supply fees) Discount if paid by May 6, 2016
EC/K - $145
1-5 - $155
6-8 - $165
After May 6, 2016   
EC/K - $180
1-5 - $190
6-8 - $200
Project Pro $2000
(no discount)      
Special Education Out-of-District Placement EC/K - $145
1-5 - $155
6-8 - $165
EC/K - $180
1-5 - $190
 6-8 - $200
Transportation (Optional) 2016-17 School Year
Student living .7 to 1.5 miles $900
Family (3 or more students living .7 to 1.5 miles) $2,700
Administrative Fee for Child Care Transportation $75
Milk 2016-17 School Year
1% Chocolate or 2% White $25
Graduation: 2016-17 School Year
Middle School - 8th Grade $35
Other Fees 2016-17 School Year
NSF Check Return Fee $25

Any registration fees (instructional materials fees only) that are past due for over 90 days will be sent to collections. Prior to being sent to collections, the parent/guardian will be notified of these past due fees with three separate notifications. During this time, the parent/guardian may call or come in to the Administration Center to challenge the existence and/or amount of the debt prior to collections.