Board Policies

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Maintaining written policies is a commitment to a continuing process. There are always new challenges to be met and new problems to solve. When new situations arise, existing policies may establish administrative procedures for decision-making. In other situations, it may be found that policies must be rewritten or that new policies are needed. In the absence of a policy directing a precise course of action, in a particular situation, the Superintendent of Schools as the Chief Administrative Official of the School District shall make a decision which in his or her judgment best conforms to the spirit of the Board of Education's policies and is in the best interests of the School District.

On a number of occasions, Board of Education policies make reference to and direct the Superintendent to establish administrative procedures and rules and regulations to implement and carry out the particular policy. All such administrative procedures and rules and regulations are ultimately subject to Board of Education approval and together with these policies constitute the framework for the operation of the School District.