Multi-Tiered Support (RtI/MTSS)

3 smiling students in media center

Kirby School District 140 believes that increased student learning requires the consistent practice of providing high quality instruction matched to student needs. Response to Intervention (RtI), also know as a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), is an approach to providing early academic and behavioral support to struggling students rather than waiting for a child to fall behind before offering help. It requires collaborative efforts from all district staff, general educators, special educators and bilingual/EL staff.

We use the FastBridge benchmark and progress monitoring system to provide direct, frequent and continuous student assessment.  Our students that present below the 30th percentile on their NWEA Map assessment will be tested  during fall, winter and spring.  Results are reported to parents, teachers and administrators via a web-based data management and reporting system to determine response to instruction.  Parents of students identified as in need of assistance in Reading or Math will be notified of an assignment to an RtI/MTSS tier. Regular monitoring will be conducted in order to determine the duration of the intervention period as well as documentation of student progress.

For more information, please click on the Illinois State Board of Education's "Understanding RtI/MTSS" link.