March 29, 2020 eLearning Update


During the week of March 30th, we will continue with the eLearning plan that we started with on March 16th. Please visit for updates to our enhanced learning plan.

As you are well aware, schools will remain closed through Tuesday, April 7th. In anticipation that we may remain closed longer, the Curriculum department, in collaboration with our teachers, is developing a more sustainable standards-based eLearning experience for the students. There will be more information coming out this week about what the expectations will be for students as we continue this journey.

So to summarize, this week, we will continue the enhanced learning plan with which your students are familiar. A new plan will be conveyed to you later in the week in anticipation of being closed longer than April 7th. 

Finally, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support, flexibility, and understanding during this turbulent and ever-changing ordeal. We will get through this together.

Stay Healthy!

Dr. Shawn Olson