School Environment Matters: D140 Administers 2019 Illinois 5Essentials Survey to Improve Student Learning

5Essentials graphic

D140 students, teachers, and parents will be given the opportunity to weigh in on school climate and learning conditions by taking the Illinois 5Essentials survey.

This survey assesses a school’s culture and climate and provides insight into strengths and weaknesses on the five key factors that research shows are predictive of school success: Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, Supportive Environment, and Ambitious Instruction.

The parent survey is open October 24 through February 14 and only takes 10 minutes to complete. From December 10 through February 14, students and teachers will also be asked to take the research-based survey to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their school’s learning environment. 

School and district leaders use their 5Essentials data to better inform their school improvement plans and help identify key strengths and areas for growth.

Survey results will also be reported publicly on the 5Essentials reporting site in Spring 2020 and on the State School Report Card website in Fall 2020. 

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