Student Fees / Online Payment

CURRENT D140 FAMILIES will be able to pay student fees by selecting the Fees tab in the left index of their Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

NEW D140 FAMILIES will be able to pay student fees after residency verification is complete.


Student Registration and School Fee Information

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will open ONLINE in March 2022 for D140 FAMILIES

Full payment or an established payment plan arrangement with the District Business Office for Student Fees must be made by Friday, April 29, 2022 in order to receive an Early Registration Discount. Families registering returning students after April 29 will pay the regular fee amount.


School Fees
Required Student Fees 2022-23 School Year
Early Childhood through 8th Grade Instructional Materials Fee (includes textbook, technology and supply fees)

After April 29, 2022
EC/K - $180
1-5 - $190
6-8 - $200

Preschool Program $2500
Special Education Out-of-District Placement EC/K - $180
1-5 - $190
6-8 - $200
Transportation (Optional) 2022-23 School Year
Student living .7 to 1.5 miles
Administrative Fee for Child Care Transportation $75
Milk 2022-23 School Year
Fat-Free Chocolate or 1% White $25
Graduation: 2022-23 School Year
Middle School - 8th Grade $35
Other Fees: 2022-23 School Year
NSF Check Return Fee $25

Optional Transportation Fees

All students living .7 to 1.5 miles from school are coded as OPTIONAL (O) bus riders. Optional bus riders can pay for bus service if there is space available on the bus. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will vary by school and route. Transportation Fees cannot be paid until Student Fees are paid in full or a payment plan has been established with the District Business Office. If you would like to inquire about the possibility of your student(s) riding the bus during the school year, please contact Carly Grad at or call the Transportation Office at (708) 532-8539.

Free Milk/Lunch and Fee Waiver Applications

If you wish to apply for the Free Milk/Lunch program and a fee waiver, please click on the Free Milk/Lunch Application & Free Milk/Lunch & Fee Waiver Approval Form to download and print the necessary forms. Please contact Tiffany Mulllary at or call (708) 342-5513 with any questions. 

Health Information

Click on Health Information to find all the information you need related to student health and our District 140 nurses!  Please see the Health Forms located on this page for more information on physical, dental and vision exam requirements and the forms that go with each exam. Please contact your school nurse if you have any specific questions.