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In light of Governor Pritzker’s decision to suspend in-school learning for the remainder of the academic year, it is necessary to discuss the emotional and mental well-being of our students and families. It is important to understand that responses to the governor’s decision will vary from person to person. There is no right or wrong way to deal with the news that in-person learning will not resume. Some students may be devastated to not say goodbye to their teachers, while others may feel relieved not to have to go back to school. What is most important to remember is that no matter the response, our attention should focus on our students' emotional needs and well-being.  
Keeping in mind that every home faces different obstacles and concerns and that every family’s reactions and responses will look and sound different, Kirby School District 140 is offering our students crisis counseling. Listed below you will find every school building’s social worker, counselor, and administrator’s contact information. Should your family need assistance, please reach out. We are here for you!
Bannes Elementary 
Principal - Daniel Callaghan: dcallaghan@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Jacqueline Carruth: jcarruth@ksd140.org
Fernway Elementary
Principal - Sandy Hutchinson: shutchinson@ksd140.org
Counselor - Lindy Darovic: ldarovic@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Michelle Roeder: mroeder@ksd140.org 

Keller Elementary
Principal - JoAnn Greene: jgreene@ksd140.org
Counselor - Maureen Hegji: mhegji@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Maureen Maloney: mmaloney@ksd140.org 

McAuliffe Elementary
Principal - Annette Szczasny: aszczasny@ksd140.org 
Counselor - Jennifer Brower: jbrower@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Cassidy Campbell: ccampbell@ksd140.org 
Millennium Elementary 
Principal - Julianne Cosentino: jcosentino@ksd140.org 
Counselor - Lauren Garrison: lgarrison@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Melissa Peterson: mpeterson@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Laura Lorenz: llorenz@ksd140.org 

Grissom Middle School
Principal - Deborah Broadwell: dbroadwell@ksd140.org 
Assistant Principal - Karyn Bissell: kbissell@ksd140.org 
Counselor - Joy Labudzik: jlabudzik@ksd140.org 
Social Worker - Steven Kelley: skelley@ksd140.org 
Prairie View Middle School 
Principal - Megan Maurer: mmaurer@ksd140.org 
Assistant Principal - Maura Baskovich: mbaskovich@ksd140.org 
Counselor - Annie Doody: adoody@ksd140.org  
Social Worker - Ray Hamad: rhamad@ksd140.org 

Thousands of organizations, including non-profits and neighborhood groups, are helping people affected by COVID-19 all across the country. For assistance with food, help paying bills, and other free or reduced cost programs, including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit https://findhelp.org/