Important Information from KSD 140 Special Services


This year, the Illinois State Board of Education is asking KSD 140 parents to complete a survey regarding special education services. We know how busy this time is, but this survey completion is important to improve services for students with disabilities within our District but also across the entire nation. Parents can respond until June 30, 2020. 

Please respond to the mailer that was sent to you in March or at this link 

If you do not have the mailer anymore, please email the state contact person at or call or call toll free (877) 249-1340, extension 310 or 320 for assistance.  

ALL parents who received the mailer can and should respond. Historically, families of students in minority groups and students who have a learning disability were less likely to respond to the survey. It is important that ALL students receive quality special education services, so please take a moment to complete the survey. 

Please email your student’s special education teacher or therapist once you have completed the survey to be entered into an Amazon gift card raffle. There will be one raffle winner from each building.