United in Support of Our Students and Our Community


Dear Kirby School District 140 Community,

This week, we conclude the celebrations of our Class of 2020 with personalized diploma deliveries throughout the community. Look for Kirby School District 140 buses and our middle school staff celebrating Grissom and Prairie View graduates in your neighborhood on Monday and Tuesday beginning at 5 pm. This simple act of coming together for a common cause, in this case to celebrate our graduates, speaks volumes as to who we are as a community. 

In light of recent events throughout the country, we feel that it is necessary to address the reality of inequality and racism in our world. As educators, we understand the power that education has to transform and affect change. We believe that through education we can empower the fight against racism and inequality in society. As a District, we seek to address these issues and are dedicated to providing an educational experience that strives for inclusion, equity, and awareness in our classrooms, our community, and our country. 

We stand united with our neighboring school districts in the belief that each and every child deserves a quality education that is rooted in the principles of respect and acceptance. We must be committed to anti-racism, open to self-reflection, and pledge to be agents of change in our community. 
Please know that our commitment to your children is unwavering. We are dedicated to working with all partners in our community to make sure that each and every student has a safe place to learn and grow in KSD140 schools. 

Thomas J. Martelli, Board of Education President
Dr. Shawn M. Olson, Superintendent