Eighth Grade Class Activities

Eighth grade students enjoy certain privileges and activities, many of which are scheduled at the end of the year. Eighth graders must demonstrate basic responsibilities and appropriate attitudes before they are allowed to participate in these activities.


  • Attending the Class trip to Great America
  • Attending the Class Graduation Dance
  • Attending TBA end of the year events
  • Participating in the formal Graduation Ceremony. This participation involves the purchase of cap and gown, paying the necessary fees, being seated with the Class of Graduates at the Ceremony, and walking on stage to receive the diploma.


  • Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 1.0 (D).
  • Students must demonstrate appropriate behavior throughout the school year as supported by behavioral records and staff recommendations.
  • Students must show respect and cooperation toward adults and fellow classmates.

Reasons for Exclusion from Activities:

  • A cumulative grade point average below 1.0 (D)
  • Severe or repeated misconduct or misbehavior problems as documented through conduct referral forms, detentions, suspensions, and teachers’ or administrative notations.