Cadet Band

Mr. Mark Hodges

Band Director

The Cadet Band members have access to additional class documents and handouts through Google Classroom.  Parents, please ask your child to show you the "Cadet Band" class on their Google Classroom iPad app.  Click HERE for the Cadet Band Handbook.

The District 140 Cadet Band is comprised of 6th grade students from both Grissom and Prairie View who have some previous instrumental music experience, usually Beginning Band, and who have successfully displayed a degree of proficiency required by the directors.

This band performs school concerts in December and May. The Cadet Band also competes in one full band contest in March and individual members have the opportunity to participate in the I.G.S.M.A. Solo & Ensemble Contest in February.  Other performances may include performing at Andrew High School at a football game and school assemblies. This group meets daily as a full ensemble at Grissom Middle School. Mr. Hodges directs the Cadet Band.

In the event a student must be absent from morning Cadet Band practice, please leave a message for Mr. Hodges.

Send an Email
Voicemail: (708) 532-8500

Music Resources on the Web

Here is just a sample of online tools for students to further their music education. If you find a link from this handout is broken, please let Mr. Hodges know so he can correct it.

Music Resources on the Web Handout