Central Office Personnel

Roseanne Ballard

Webmaster/Communications Specialist

  • Email Roseanne Ballard

Jannann Beituni

Substitute Services Specialist

  • Email Jannann Beituni

Danielle Callahan

Human Resources Coordinator

  • Email Danielle Callahan

Mrs. Lauren Cook


  • Email Lauren Cook

Mrs. Caitlin Hastings

Special Services Program Supervisor

  • Email Caitlin Hastings

Maryellen Hoppie

Communications Assistant

  • Email Maryellen Hoppie

Karen Jamraz

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and the Board of Education

  • Email Karen Jamraz

Ms. Amanda Kelly

EL Facilitator

  • Email Amanda Kelly

Jenna Khalil

AP & Classified Payroll Coordinator

  • Email Jenna Khalil

Mrs. Megan Klozik

Curriculum Facilitator

  • Email Megan Klozik

Laura Laird

Certified Payroll Coordinator

  • Email Laura Laird

Tiffany Mullarkey

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Business Services

  • Email Tiffany Mullarkey

Mrs. M. O'Connor

Instructional Technology Facilitator

  • Email M. O'Connor

Ms. Carol O'Keefe

Special Services Program Supervisor

  • Email Carol O'Keefe

Kimberly Puccillo

Substitute Services Specialist

  • Email Kimberly Puccillo

Doreen Reiner

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Services

  • Email Doreen Reiner

Mrs. Nancy Rhodes

Administrative Assistant to the Curriculum Department

  • Email Nancy Rhodes

Mrs. Kerry Shilkaitis

Curriculum Facilitator

  • Email Kerry Shilkaitis

Mrs. Julie Simpson

Instructional Technology Facilitator

  • Email Julie Simpson

Kathryn VanWormer

Administrative Assistant

  • Email Kathryn VanWormer
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