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June 28, 2022 Referendum

A referendum will appear on the Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Gubernatorial Primary Election ballot asking for voter permission to use part of our cash reserves to construct a new school building on the western portion of the existing Fernway school property. This new school will replace the current Fernway Park Elementary School.

There will be NO ADDITIONAL TAX IMPACT associated with this construction. District 140 will pay for the Fernway project entirely out of cash reserves. If voters approve this project, it will allow D140 to construct a new school building using money already saved and earmarked for the maintenance and care of our facilities.

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Illinois Vision 20/20

Illinois Vision 20/20 is an initiative for public education in Illinois to guide educators, legislators, labor, business, parents, and community members as they work together toward the common goal of fulfilling the promise of public education in Illinois. Learn more at Illinois Vision 20/20.

Bid Notices

Bid notices are submitted by the Business Office with an invitation to bid being placed, at least ten (10) days before the bid opening, in a newspaper published within the District.  Vendors submitting bids must sign and have notarized a Certificate of Bidder Eligibility, Certificate Regarding Sexual Harassment Policy, Certificate of Compliance with Illinois Drug-Free Workplace Act and Certificate of Compliance with Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (if applicable).  Bidders must also sign a Statement of Ethics Certification.

Legal Notices

Legal Notices are placed in a newspaper published within the District as appropriate for the subject matter and applicable to law. Information is updated as needed.

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