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Special Services

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Kirby School District 140 provides a free and appropriate public education for all students with disabilities who are three years of age and older. The District provides programs and appropriate related services for students who have been identified as needing such services in order to have access to and gain benefit from the regular education curricula. If you feel that your child may have a disability that is interfering with his/her education, please contact your building principal. If you have any questions concerning special education programs and services or concerning the educational rights of students with disabilities, please contact the Department of Special Services at 708-532-8537.

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Working together, our goal is the realization of your child's academic and social growth.

Special Services and Referrals

District 140 provides special education and related services to students who are identified as having a recognized disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA-2004) or handicapped under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Students who may be eligible and in need of special services may be identified through the District screening process or by referral. Students who do not qualify for an Individualized Education Program may be eligible for services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

As a parent, should you have reason to believe that your child may be entitled to special education services, you may request an evaluation. To request an evaluation, please address a letter to your building principal including the following information: name, age, and grade of your child, the reason you are requesting an evaluation, and your complete name and address. Any questions that you may have regarding the referral process or the special education services of the District may be directed to your Building Principal or to the Director of Special Services who is located in the Administration Building.

Resource Program

The Resource Program is designed for students with a disability(s) who receive specialized instruction for less than 60% of the school day. Related services may be required to assist the student to benefit from special education. Students receive instruction in a variety of settings--general education classroom or resource room. Adaptations and accommodations of general education curriculum may occur according to the individual needs of the students as determined at an IEP meeting.

Instructional Program

The Instructional Program is designed for students with a disability(s) who receive specialized instruction for more than 61% of the school day. Related services may be required to assist the student to benefit from special education. Adaptation and accommodations of the general education curriculum may not be adequate to meet the student's educational needs. The curriculum may need to be modified and adapted and supplementary materials used to enhance learning. Students participate in general education through mainstreaming and integration whenever possible as determined by the IEP team.

Related Services

Related services include those needed to assist the student with disabilities to benefit from special education. These services include, transportation, speech pathology and audiology, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, recreation, early identification and assessment of disabilities in children,  school health services, social work services, and parent training.

If your student receives related services from the District through their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) document, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, speech and language therapy, you may request copies of related service logs. These related service logs include the date and  duration of service administered to your child. 

Special Services Transportation

Transportation needs for students with disabilities are discussed at the student’s IEP meeting. If you have any concerns regarding transportation, please contact the student’s teacher, the building principal, or the Department of Special Services to arrange for an IEP meeting. Per State regulations, unauthorized riders are not allowed to ride a bus with a student. Only individuals who have been authorized by the District or the student’s IEP team may ride the bus. Therefore, parents or other individuals may not ride the bus with the students. Should a student with disabilities have special needs that require the bus driver’s knowledge, such information will be shared with the bus driver. The bus driver is held to a strict code of confidentiality, so the driver, therefore, cannot discuss any student’s personal information with anyone other than specified school personnel. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a student’s eligibility for transportation services, please contact the Department of Special Services at 708-532-8537. Transportation services are scheduled at various times during the school year.

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