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Brian Kristin


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My name is Mr. Kristin and I will be your son or daughter’s physical eduction teacher. Throughout the year basic motor skills, movement concepts, gameplay, and health / wellness concepts will be introduced. I recognize that students have a variety of interests and are at different developmental levels. It is my goal to introduce the students to various activities that will develop a positive attitude toward physical activity, health, and develop healthy habits which can stay with them for a lifetime. Students are encouraged to participate and do their personal best. I ask that students demonstrate a willingness to try, show respect, and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

Participation is needed for student development. Student safety is paramount and any limited participation, parent or doctor notes need to be sent to the school nurse and should include when students can return to PE activities. Parent notes will be accepted and will be honored but if out longer than 3 days a doctors note is requested.

I am looking forward to exciting year of activity and learning in physical education.

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