May 28, 2020 Superintendent’s Update


Dear D140 Parents/Guardians,

As we all look forward to the last day of eLearning tomorrow, I wanted to personally thank you for working with us to navigate the unforeseen and unchartered end to the 19-20 school year. Your extraordinary support of our eLearning program has been nothing short of amazing. We tried to provide eLearning lessons that adhered to state standards while being mindful that parents were juggling work and family responsibilities in addition to educating their children at home. As a parent and an at-home teacher, you more than rose to the occasion. Thank you for your patience and flexibility. We appreciate your partnership over the past few months.

As soon as I have any information about what the 20-21 school year will look like, I will reach out to you. It is my sincere wish that you and your children have a safe and healthy summer!

Dr. Shawn M. Olson