Superintendent Message

Happy New Year and welcome back to what I believe will be a very successful second semester! 
With the support of our parents and our Tinley Park community, we have developed an educational environment that ensures our students’ needs are met and that they are moving forward in academic achievement. I want to encourage all of us to continue to raise the bar, to build on our strengths and successes, and to ensure our students are achieving at the highest levels.

Although we have had a mild winter so far, I would like to take a moment to review our school closing notification process. When making a decision to close school due to inclement weather, student safety is always our number one concern. After evaluating National Weather Service forecasts, receiving input from our operations and transportation personnel, and consulting with our partner schools, we make the call as to whether or not we think students and staff can travel safely to and from school.  In the event that KSD 140 needs to close school, families will receive notification from SchoolMessenger, our electronic messaging system, and an alert will be posted on our district/school websites. KSD 140 also communicates school closure information through Facebook, Twitter, and the Emergency Closing Center (ECC).  In the event the District keeps schools open, but a parent or guardian determines conditions are not safe for their child to travel to or from school, the parent or guardian has the right to keep their child home.  

As always, I am so grateful and honored for the opportunity to work with you to ensure our students are receiving the very best education. Together, I look forward to the continued success of our children.

Julia L. Mikulich.


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