D140 Mathematicians Add Up Awards at South Cook Math Bowl

D140 Mathematicians Add Up Awards at South Cook Math Bowl

Kirby School District 140 brought home 13 awards from the annual South Cook Math Bowl held at Prairie State College on April 28 - 29. What an accomplishment when you consider more than 100 contestants from almost 14 school districts competed each day in this awesome event.

The South Cook Math Bowl is an annual competition with the best math students from elementary and middle schools in the south and southwest suburbs vying against one another in individual and team events. In District 140, the three students with the highest math test scores per grade were selected to participate in the contest, with two competing and one serving as an alternate. D140 math coaches believe that the success of their math team is a direct result of the dedication, time, and effort the students and their teachers put forth in preparing for the competition.

Individual winners were; Dylan T., 3rd place for first grade; Landon H., 6th place for first grade; Tommy F., 2nd  place for third grade; Bruce A., 6th place for third grade;  Emmett W., 1st place for fourth grade; Logan K., 1st place for fifth grade; Charlotte G., 6th place for sixth grade; Atala S., 2nd place for sixth grade; James L., 4th place for eighth grade; and Jack R., 2nd place for eighth grade.

Team Awards went to First/Second Grade Team – 3rd place: Alexi K., Dylan T., Landon H., and Omar D. 
Third/Fourth Grade Team – 2nd place: Allen M., Bruce A, Emmett W., and Tommy F. Fifth/Sixth Grade Team - 3rd place: Atala S., Charlotte G., Logan K., and Megan D. 

District 140’s 2022 MVP Awards went to Bruce A. and Jack R.

Additional contestants competing at this year’s event were Amanda A. and Lucas C. Alternates were Andrew W., James E., Jaxson M., Nathan B., Parker T., Tom K., and Zachary B. The D140 Math Bowl teams were coached by Ms. Collins, Ms. McDavid, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. O’Keeffe, and Mrs. Sobol-Boyle.




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