New Middle School Schedule Format!


Grissom and Prairie View middle school student schedules will look a little different this year. We are no longer splitting grade levels into two separate teams. Instead, each grade level will have only ONE team with students moving interchangeably through a nine-period schedule. This change allows for smaller class sizes and greater flexibility in scheduling students to better meet academic and social-emotional needs.

Benefits of the New Model

  • Students will receive at least 80 minutes of instruction in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, providing greater opportunities for students to receive direct instruction and work in collaborative small groups tailored to their academic needs.
  • Students will receive at least 40 minutes of instruction in PE or Health every day. Students will attend PE for three quarters of the school year and health for one quarter.
  • Students will receive at least 40 minutes of instruction in an Enrichment class. Enrichment classes include music, art, STEM, and/or skills enrichment. 
  • Social studies and science classes will be blocked so that students receive at least 40 minutes of instruction in each subject one day per week and at least 80 minutes of instruction in each subject two days per week. 
  • Lunch periods will be coupled with a 20-minute advisory period. 

Lunch/Advisory Times:

8th Grade: 10:57 am - 11:37 am
6th Grade: 11:40 am - 12:20 pm
7th Grade: 12:23 pm - 1:03 pm

  • Two teachers at each grade level will serve as co-team leaders. These team leaders will share in responsibilities of team activities and meeting student needs for each grade level.

Sample Schedule

Below is an example of a typical student schedule. Please note, that the order in which your student attends each class will likely be different than what is shown in the example.

Middle school student schedules will be released via Infinite Campus on Monday, August 8, 2022.  If you are experiencing issues logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please contact your school office.  

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