Investing in Our Community!


Property values are tied to the strength of a school district. Good public schools equal good home and resale values. By prioritizing the care and maintenance of our facilities, we are investing in our schools, our community, and our future. 

New School

Estimates for retrofitting and modernizing Fernway Park Elementary School's current infrastructure for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, data, and classrooms were approaching the cost of a new school. The Kirby School District 140 Board of Education believes a new building is a better long-term solution. The proposed new school will be built on the western portion of the existing Fernway School property and replace the current Fernway Park School.

Additionally, this design will create a District Early Childhood Center within Fernway, allowing us to centralize services for our preschool-age students and free up classroom space at our other elementary buildings. 

No Additional Tax Impact

D140 will pay for the Fernway project entirely out of cash reserves. If voters approve this project, it will allow D140 to construct a new school building using money already saved and earmarked for the maintenance and care of our facilities.


Illinois law requires D140 to secure voter permission to spend part of our cash reserves to construct a new school building. A referendum will appear on the Tuesday, June 28, 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election ballot asking for voter permission to construct a new school building on the western portion of the existing Fernway property. The exact question that will appear on the ballot is, “Shall the Board of Education of School District 140, Cook County, Illinois, build one new school building on the Fernway Park School site to replace the Fernway Park School?”

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