School Closing Information

In the event that Kirby School District 140 needs to close schools due to inclement weather or other safety-related concerns, families will receive notification from SchoolMessenger, our electronic messaging system, and an alert will be posted on our District and school websites.  KSD 140 also communicates school closure information through social media including Facebook and Twitter.

If you need to update or review your contact information in your SchoolMessenger account, please log in to the SchoolMessenger Contact Manager website. Directions for indicating your contact preferences, including whether you wish to receive notifications at additional phone numbers and through text or email, can be found on this site. Additionally, all accounts have a mailbox feature, which allows you to review messages you may have missed.

Before and After School Activities and Programs:

If school is closed for the day, before and after school activities and programs, including Ivy League, will also be canceled.

Local Media:

You may also check these sources for information: