Prairie View Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Prairie View Students of the Month!

Each month, two students per team are chosen by their teachers for going above and beyond socially and academically. We commend them for their commitment to the values of respect, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, and citizenship while in the classroom.


May 2022:

Daniel O., Danya M., David A., Delaney T., Delany B., Emilia C., Jack P., John K., Kayla S., Luciana C., Noah A., Ryan G., and Titan N.

April 2022:

Asher G., Ava K., Betsy S., Brody V., Chase M., David F., Emma A., Hamzah A., Izzy B., Jack P., Julia L., and Rania A.

March 2022:

Aleisah I., Ashton Z., Billy B., Fiona D., Gabe J., Georgie H., Jonathan A., Leen F., Lily L., MJ A., Nawal K., Thomas C., and Victoria G. 

February 2022:

Adam Z., Ahmed A., Aiden M., Avery B., Brandon S., Chloe P., Emelia D., Evan M., Katie F., Madeline L., Paul S., Tessa M., and Titan N.

January 2022:

Jenna M., Justin E., Laith R., Leyan M., Mia E, Paul H., Raneem S., Sadeen B., Sammy N., Ta'Ryan C., Victor M., Victoria F., and Yazan H. 

December 2021:

Adam M., Ava M., Dean F., Gavin K., Grace S., Mikayla B., Olivia G., Raahin S., Vanessa M., Wyatt O., and Yousef S

November 2021:

AJ S., Annabella S., Bridget R., Emily S., Ethan C., Jenna I., Jerry D., Meadow N., Prestyn K., Ryan T., Tatum D., Titan N., and Xander L.

October 2021:

Aaron D., Alex C., Brayden G., Charlotte G., Dena M., Ellie M., Georgie H., Katerina B., Marc Kenneth A., Marty O., Nathan F., Nikole A., and Nora B.

September 2021:

Sammy N., Alaina E., Chance S., Safaa G., Jason R., Margaret G, Christian E., Sara O., Emiliano D., Avery W., Colin M., Emily S., and Gerald U.