Clubs & Activities

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We encourage our students to become part of extracurricular activities because we believe that they are a vital part of the middle school experience. Various clubs and sports operate throughout the year. It is expected that each club/sport participant will maintain passing grades and appropriate behavior. Attendance during regular school hours is required in order to participate in after school activities.

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Southwest Interscholastic Conference (SWIC)

Prairie View Middle School is a member of the Southwest Interscholastic Conference (SWIC) which offers many competitive activities, including softball, cross country, basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, Mathletes, Speech, Band, and Choral Programs.

We provide a broad and varied program of extracurricular activities designed to meet the needs and interests of our students. Students who represent Prairie View in extracurricular activities must maintain good academic and disciplinary status in order to remain eligible for these programs. Student eligibility is determined by their teachers, based on the student’s schoolwork and behavior. Any team member who receives an “F” in any subject is temporarily suspended from competition for one week, or until academic improvement is noted. At the coach’s discretion, students who are on activity suspension may practice but not play in SWIC sanctioned games or events until a passing grade or progress is made toward improving their academic performance.